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If you haven't already seen or heard we finally dropped our new record, "Skeletons Vol. 1," today (12/14) in lieu of the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our debut record, "Demo De Music," tomorrow (12/15). What originally was set to be a three song EP ended up a semi lengthy 8 song record. When we went into the studio way back in July/August to track the album we were fully anticipating an October release date, but post production complications made the deadline difficult to reach. Anyways or anyhow, here we are in December finally pulling our act together to put out what we think to be the best record yet. Thanks to everyone who's stuck with us and supported. You all mean the world to us, and we hope you love the record as much as we do. We're not going anywhere soon, and we're super stoked to play more shows and get involved with the new content.

God Bless,

Chase and Noah